Learn French with Instagram

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Learn French with Instagram

by | Dec 9, 2018 | French language tips

How many times per day are you connected on Instagram?

Instagram is by far the app in vogue for the moment. I am myself a big fan. As a language learner, is it also possible to take most of the advantages of it and continuously learning while having fun on the app.

I will tell you a story about Instagram and learning a language and how it can influence or maybe change something in your life. Yes, in your life, I am serious. Last summer, I was planning a break for January 2019 in Brazil. I speak already Spanish, French and English fluently and I studied, many years ago, Hebrew, Arabic and Dutch. I wanted to challenge my brain again and learn Portuguese. I checked some group classes in Paris but I wasn’t convinced because of the lack of flexibility in terms of schedule. In the mean time, I was following some pages with the # #learnportuguese without really knowing what would be the added value. One day, I found an amazing account and I decided to contact the person.

Yes, I am the kind of person who writes private message to account owner to congratulate them on their amazing work, it’s free and give complements is ….. So, I said to “Speaking Brazilian” that her account was amazing and I was looking for Portuguese classes. And here we are, connected thanks to Instagram and learning together French and Portuguese.

Instagram offers an amazing visual medium to improve, practice and maintain your language skills. How come? Excellent question! You wonder how can you improve your French skills by only swiping on Instagram? The key is to follow the appropriate accounts. Yes, there are many bad accounts but also a lot of amazing accounts to follow.

Still not convinced Instagram will help you improve your French? Let’s try a 30 days challenge and see how you feel after that. Do to so, have a look at the selection of nice Instagram accounts you might enjoy:

1. Account to learn French with audios

This is a great account with cute visuals and audios to improve your skills.

  • Encorefrenchtyips

Encore French tips offers every day a new audio with pronunciation. On instagram, you can hear the introduction of the topic that is discussed and explained on their plateform.

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Ça caille ici! Et chez vous?❄️ It’s freezing here, and how is it where you live? •Follow @EncoreFrenchTips and level up your frenchness ❄️ •EXEMPLE Ça caille, tu peux monter le chauffage? It’s freezing, can you turn up the heater? ❄️ •ALTERNATIVES On se les caille! (We’re freezing our 🥜 off) . . . . . #encorefrenchtips #🇫🇷 #learnfrench #fle #francais #travelfrance #frenchwords #ilovefrench #jaimelefrancais #frenchtips #frenchvocabulary #frenchlearning #frenchlanguage #aprenderfrancés #fransizca #французский #法国 #encorefrenchlessons #visitfrance #vocabulaire #フランス語 #法文 #grammaire #infographic #cold #freezing #froid #frozen #argot

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2. Account to learn French with videos

  • Fa_johan – Français autentique

Learn French and be part of a community. Johan helps you to learn new expressions and how to pronounce them.

  • Francaisavecpierre

Learn French with Pierre. You will learn French with videos and also some didactic contents with grammar tips.

  • Alexteachersfrench

Alexander Partridge is the proof that even if you are not a native speaker, you can become fluent in a foreign language and even teach this language. Such an amazing inspiration for you French learners! He is American and passionate about the French language. His account is amazing to understand the French expressions explained by a native English speaker. I highly recommend this account.

3. Accounts with visual to learn French

  • Pluiemagiquefle

If you are looking for an account to learn French with images, this is exactly what you need. There are about more than 850 posts and they are all about the French language and how to learn it.

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  • Frenchwords

Bilingual account where almost all the French words and expressions are translated into English. The design and the lines are pure and sophisticated.

  • _frenchfamily_

Amazing account with beautiful graphic designs and sentences in French and English. They invite people to comment on their posts which is great to be part of a community.

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📗une leçon | Demonstrative adjectives ce, cet, cette, ces – this, that, these, those. In French, they must agree in gender and number with the noun they modify: _______________ ✅CE is the masculine singular demonstrative adjective: Ex. J'aime ce livre. – I like this (that) book. ✅CE becomes CET in front of a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or mute h. Ex. Cet homme est beau. – This (that) man is handsome. Je connais cet endroit. – I know this (that) place. ✅CETTE is feminine singular: Ex. Cette idée est intéressante. – This (That) idea is interesting. Je veux parler à cette fille. – I want to talk to this (that) girl. ✅Ces is plural: These, those Ex. Ces livres sont stupides. – These (Those) books are stupid. Je cherche ces femmes. – I'm looking for these (those) women. 🚫Note: CES  is the only plural demonstrative adjective: "cettes" does not exist. ————— The demonstrative adjectives ce, cette, cet, ces mean "this" or "that," "these" or "those". Your listener can usually tell by the context which you mean, but if you want to stress one or the other, you can use the suffixes ce-ci (here) and ce-là(there): Ex. Ce prof-ci parle trop. -This teacher talks a lot. Ce prof-là est sympa. – That teacher is nice. Cet étudiant-ci comprend. – This student understands. Cette fille-là est perdue. – That girl is lost. Je veux regarder ces livres-là. – I want to look at those books. Je préfère ces pommes-ci. – I prefer these apples. Ces fleurs-ci sont plus jolies que ces fleurs-là.- These flowers are prettier than those flowers. ‼️Note: c' in the expression c'est is not a demonstrative adjective: it is an indefinite demonstrative pronoun. ___________________ #french #francais #language #france🇫🇷 #learnfrench #polyglotproblems #grammaire #modedeviefrançais #frenchfamily #vocabulaire #parisianlife #learnalanguage #francophone #francophile #love #language #lesson #frenchie #ilovemyfrenchie #ilovemyfollowers

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  • Street_french

This is THE account to learn conversational and informal French. It is managed by Maïa and Charlie. You will learn basically what you can’t find in (boring) grammar books. They also offer private tuition online and created an e-book. Don’t miss their “Translating Challenge”. It is always fun to evaluate your skills.

  • Boiteaufle – Boîte au FLE (Français langue étrangère)

You will learn everything about the grammar, vocabulary but also civilization and topics about the French actually. This account is complete and I am pretty sure you will probably saved many of its posts and they are always good reminder.

  • I Learn French

Of course, I will highly recommend you my account on Instagram. I post jokes and grammar tips mixing culture and theory. Most of my posts are really appreciate by learners and also natives. Do you want to be part of it? 😉

• Account with beautiful illustrations with slangs and colloquial expressions

  • Melodyleblond

Melody Leblond is a illustrator passionate about “words” which is PERFECT for learners. She plays with the language and jump from cultural and linguistic references. She has worked for many companies and her talent is fascinating.

  • Marie_crayon

Marie Cryaon (pencil) is an illustrator with a fantastic sense of humor. She describes every day life situation in French with slangs and expressions.

  • Confidentiellesofficial

Confidentielles is a news and media website. Find jokes, quotes and expressions, everything in French.

  • Madame_connasse_off

Author of two books with the same tittle, her account will challenge your French. Here is a selection of sentences and statuts about relationships. The content is mainly ladies-oriented.

  • Je tagça je dis rien

Account by native for native’s speakers: Challenge your French, your jeux de mots and your slang. This account captures all the graffiti and insane “jeux de mots” around the world. This includes a nice mixe of culture, language and slang.

  • Putainilsontosé

This account compiles all the creative and imaginative skills of business owners within Francophones countries. What is it exactly? It is a community sharing pictures of stores, hair salons, restaurants with truly crazy names.  If you don’t understand all their jokes and “Jeux de mots”, don’t think the problem is you. Most of the names you will see here are insanely crazy.

  • Ex_relou

Probably the best account in French to visualize and admire the madness of the humanity (or the poverty of some relationships and communication skills). This is by far one of my favorite account. It is also a nice social tools with ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ in terms of relationship. Consider it as a good indicator of weather you or your partner is crazy.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed all the tips and accounts given above and they will help you improve and maintain your French skills. Which account did you choose to follow and why? Do you have other accounts on Instagram you would like to share with others?

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