Ready to finally progress from Zero to Hero in French?

You don’t need to be bilingual to speak French with confidence. 

Ready to finally progress from Zero to Hero in French?

You don’t need to be bilingual to speak French with confidence

They Learn French With Us

Master the French language. For once and for all.

Do you dream of speaking more naturally in social settings, with confidence and fluency? It’s time to try a new methodology with I Learn French. With my team I’ve helped over 1,000 French students gain more confidence and proven that French is fun and fluency is possible — even if you think you don’t have a knack for languages.

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Je suis Yasmine from Le Français avec Yasmine. I started my language-teaching adventure in 2009 when I began offering private French classes while studying at university. I soon realized that teaching is my passion, and after completing an MBA and developing a successful methodology, I decided to become a full-time French teacher. Now, I happily operate two schools in Paris and Brussels, as well as offer online classes.

Our Courses

We don’t just teach you French, we empower you to confidently speak and explore a new language.

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Private Classes

Start learning French immediately.

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Group Classes

Learn French and make friends wherever you are in the world.

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Digital Courses

Boost your French at your own pace.

Why Us?

Tailor Made Lessons

Enjoy Optimal Flexibility

Cultivate Confidence

Have Fun

Conversational Skills

Make Connections


ready to

Build the confidence you dream of even if you’re not bilingual (yet!).

Set and achieve realistic French goals without freaking or stressing out.

Implement an enjoyable and realistic French routine without hassle.

Practice with certified, polyglot teachers with years of experience and results.

Be ready to be impressed by your own progress with goal-oriented courses.

Learn with modern and real francophone material for adults. No more stupid books for kids.

Work with a real life teacher who works with your personality and strengths, not against them.

Speak conversational French so you can interact with real people. Bye bye Rosetta Stone.

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What our  students are saying

“If you want to immediately make progress in your French speaking skills, then you must attend Yasmine’s courses!”

I was looking to take my skills to the next level. Working on my own, I made a little progress. But connecting to Yasmine’s recent Zoom course (Intermediate Level) propelled me forward in a way I couldn’t do on my own. And that’s because the course is a live environment where learning happens in the moment. And the unexpected funny glimpses into French culture are a treat! Yasmine knows how to teach French to adults who want to be able to begin helping themselves with the language sooner than later. She gives you a foundation, and you learn how to quickly build on top of it. And she has the patience of a saint!

-Breese Stevens

“I’m finally starting to think in French!”

I’ve tried to improve and learn French so many times, in different ways with different instructors. I’ve always been disappointed. I decided to take an intensive course at I Learn French during the pandemic, even though I was nervous from negative past experiences with mean French teachers. I was so happy I did. I love the way Yasmine designs the groups to be small and supportive. I actually looked forward to the lessons and had fun along the way (didn’t think that was possible!). Now, after her intensive course, I’m finally starting to think in French!


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“I only wish I’d found her sooner…”

After 10 years I have finally found my perfect French teacher. Yasmine is super-friendly, funny, interesting, and patient and happily adapts to your own interests and the areas that you wish to focus on. I have done one-to-one classes and also the intensive course with a group and made so much progress in both environments. With Yasmine, learning French is actually very enjoyable, I only wish I’d found her sooner. Highly recommend.

-Rachel Calvo