My Language Teaching Journey

In 2009, when I relocated to Brussels, my job involved helping busy professionals learn French, which I found challenging, but I also discovered there was a need in the marketplace. As I was about to complete my MBA, I changed my career trajectory to focus on educational entrepreneurship, and that’s when “I Learn French, Brussels” was born.

In 2016, I opened our second location, “I Learn French, Paris”, and today I am successfully operating two schools while also teaching classes in-person and online. I am proud of how far my team of private French teachers and I have come and how we are continuing to grow stronger.

About Me

I’m the host of the podcast called
“Le Français avec Yasmine”

I have three cats

I’m passionate about languages and speak French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew

I’m a huge wine lover and a foodie

About “I Learn French” school

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