Online long-term Group Classes

I’ve created special online group classes for students who want concrete, super-structured courses that are also incredibly enjoyable. With my awesome team, we’ve helped lots of people boost their French skills and confidence. Let’s make learning French a blast together!

I’ve crafted three courses to help you enhance your French skills: The Weekly Dose of French, the Café Français, and the Mastermind. These courses will guide you in gaining confidence in French, understanding more about yourself, and relishing every step of your learning journey.

Ready to embrace a stress-free journey while learning French? Let’s make the language-learning experience enjoyable and rewarding together!

How it works?

Our Online Group Classes

The Weekly Dose of French

It is our stellar course to help you boost your grammar and your basics for 2h per week. This is the best course if you want to continue improving your basics and also feel ready to have a more conversational approach to the language.

Membership required. Weekly sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, each lasting 1 hour.


  • 2h per week
  • 8h per month
  • 10% Grammar and 90% Conversation
  • Online and live
  • Replay
  • Level required : A2/B1 and upwards
  • Max of 8 students
  • Digital and printable material
  • Doors open every six months
  • Membership : quarterly or yearly
  • Next course : February 2024


The Café Français

It is our conversation course for advanced level only. There is zero grammar and you need to have a confirmed B1 level to join the group. This is an amazing weekly meeting with like-minded students, if you already have a nice level in French but want to continue practicing with people of an advanced level.

Membership required.
Weekly sessions on Tuesdays,
lasting 1,5 hours.


  • 1h30 per week
  • 6h per month
  • Every Tuesday
  • Conversation only
  • Level required : Ideal for level B1 and upwards
  • Online Live sessions
  • Max of 6 students
  • Doors open every six months
  • Membership : monthly or quaterly
  • Next course : April 2024


The Mastermind

It is our intensive course to help you boost your French from A2 to B2,
5 hours per week for 2 months and a half. This is the best course if you want to have fast results and get to the next level in French.

Daily from Monday to Friday,
1 hour per session


  • Objective B2
  • 2,5 months course
  • 60h of live French course online
  • 12 weeks
  • 4h of Private French classes with Yasmine included
  • Grammar and Conversation
  • Level required : A2/B1
  • Max of 5 students
  • Group 1 : 9h-10h (Paris time)
  • Group 2 : 18h-19h (Paris time)
  • Doors open once a year
  • Next course : Fall 2024

3500€ a course

Classes include

  Fast Results

Boost your French with quality content and ample practice opportunities.

  Flexible Schedule

Access your teachers’ calendars directly and book classes whenever you’re available.


Book your classes, and your teacher will contact you within 48 working hours.

  Track Your Progress

Learn consistently with the same teacher, enabling you to monitor your advancement and boost your French.

  Digital Material

Your entire course content is on one platform for easy access anytime, eliminating the need for emails.

   Level Tracked

Upon registration, find a placement test in your member area. Every 3 months, your level is re-evaluated.

  Specific Objective

Preparation for DELF and DALF, French for Diplomacy and international organizations, French for the fashion industry, and more.

  120-Days Availability

Complete your lessons within 120 days from the date of your invoice.

   Purchase Packages

The minimum is 10 hours for optimal results in French.

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