Learn French at your own pace with one-to-one private classes in Paris, Brussels, London, Dubai and Online.

‘I Learn French’ offers tailored French classes for individuals either face-to-face or online via Skype. We also have a program for professionals and businesses who wish to improve their team's language skills.

Private French classes with ‘I Learn French’ are a fun and highly effective way to learn French. We are delighted to help individuals master the French language!

We don’t just teach you French,
we empower you to have the confidence to speak a new language.


"Yasmine managed what many French teachers had not managed before her: to make me speak French. I highly recommend her as a French teacher because: 1. She understands the needs of the student, adapts her classes and helps you progress. 2. She is flexible and ready to adapt to your schedule, being fully reliable at the same time. 3. She understands and takes interest in many countries and cultures, so, no matter the country you are coming from, this is the right teacher for you."

Siegfried M. Member of the European Parliament

"I Cannot recommend Yasmine and I Learn French highly enough, especially to busy professionals with little time in their hands; by applying motivating tailor-made to the needs of each student teaching methods, selecting audio and written material in tally with her students’ interests, building excellent inter-personal relationships and monitoring progress rate, she ensures significant improvement even when time to study is not in abundance. Engaging, joyful and committed to the progress of her students, it has been a great pleasure working with Yasmine over the past year to improve my level of French."

Athina K.Lawyer

"Yasmine is an amazing teacher! When we started classes, I could understand some French, but wasn’t very comfortable in speaking. My objective was to improve my conversational skills and Yasmine really understood that. She organised classes in a way to engage me in a discussion. And we had loads of great conversations, about politics, literature, art, and many other topics! After a 1,5 year, I’ve progressed a lot, much more that I could have imagined! Also learning with Yasmine was always a pleasure 🙂 I would highly recommend Yasmine!"

Kasia G. Advertising and event agency, Brussels

"I chose Yasmine as a French teacher when I came to Paris, and was very happy about that choice. After only one lesson, I felt my somewhat rusty French was back, and after a few more I could have long conversations. An easygoing, talk-based approach with the additional advantage of seeing different parts of Paris since we had agreed to try new cafes for the lessons for every time. My highest recommendations."

Jens R.Expat Consultant, Paris

"Yasmine is an excellent teacher. She knows when to be patient and when to push forward. It was very clear after the first class that she is very experienced and knows how to handle her students; to make them learn and want to learn. Her discussion based approach is very engaging and forces one to start using grammar rules/etc right away.

I can highly recommend her!"

Juha-Pekka N.Political Advisor on Economic and Social Policy

"I have been studying French with Yasmine for over a year, both in a group and individually. She has always been the most competent and professional teacher. She is very punctual and precise on her schedule, being at the same time very flexible. She is always very well prepared before the lessons, extremely organized and, for her students, she prepares taylor-made schedule and program, using various resources which help effectively to get to learn and use French language for everyday life. She truly gives the impression (and it s not just an impression) of having a wide knowledge about her job and her subject, which she keeps constantly updated by different activities and researches. She is fairly demanding, which helps enormously to reach the students goals without wasting time and energies.
I would highly recommend Yasmine's French school to anybody who would like to learn this language in the most effective and professional way."

Gaia A.Contract administration, ExxonMobil

"Yasmine is a great teacher - she is very charismatic, very adaptable and understands the difference between learning a new language as a child and as an adult. She is very resourceful and constantly comes with new material that caters to your interests and good topics of conversation."

Ileana G.European Parliament, Brussels
French language tips
Sunday December 9th, 2018

Learn French with Instagram

Learn French with Instragram How many times per day are you connected on Instagram? Instagram is by far the app in vogue for the moment. I am myself a big fan. As a language learner, is it also possible to take most of the advantages of it and continuously learning while having fun on the app. I will tell you a story about Instagram and learning a language and how it can influence or maybe change something in your life. Yes, in your life, I am serious. Last summer, I was planning a break for January 2019 in Brazil. I speak already Spanish, French and English fluently and I studied, many years ago, Hebrew, Arabic and Dutch. I wanted to challenge my brain again and learn Portuguese. I checked some group classes in Paris but I wasn’t convinced because of the lack of flexibility in terms of schedule. In the…
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French classes group hug
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Wednesday September 26th, 2018

French classes : Pros and cons of learning French with a group versus private classes

Learning French or any other language involves research, and ultimately choosing the best program for you. So the question is: Do you take your French class with a group, or are you more suited to private classes? While searching for your courses on Google, you will probably realise that there are so many options for French classes, and it is scary! It can stress you out even before you start learning French. And yes, I hear you, it is already hard enough to finally commit to learning a new language, so why then, is choosing where and how to learn, so stressful too? What if I choose the wrong course? What if I pay too much? What if, for that amount of money and time, I still can’t speak French? What if I already paid and I don’t like the teacher or their methodology? Don’t panic! I remember when I…
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learning French in Brussels
Learn French
Friday September 7th, 2018

7 reasons why learning French in Brussels is a good idea

If you really want to speak French, why not consider learning French in Brussels? “Bruxelles ma belle”... it is so easy to fall in love with Brussels, with its paved streets and hidden architectural gems. In addition to being beautiful and the most cosmopolitan city after Dubai, Brussels is also a polyglot city where the French language is omnipresent. Thanks to its internationality, you certainly can survive in Brussels without speaking French or Dutch. English would certainly be enough. But ….. as you are already there, why not try to act "As in Rome" and learn French in Brussels. Source: Brussels is yours So, why is learning French in Brussels a good idea? It is easy to practice and speak French with the locals. Belgians are very friendly and easy going and, they are always keen to talk to people they don’t know and share small talk. You can easily…
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