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Private French Classes

Take your French language skills from Zero to Hero

Enjoy individualized face-to-face training with an emphasis and focus on your personalized learning objective. Your private French classes will be a specialized curriculum designed to fit your unique learning style, which will assist you in quickly achieving and advancing your linguistic goals.

Private French classes with ‘I Learn French’ are a fun and highly effective way to learn French. We are delighted to help individuals master the French language!

private french classes in Paris Brussels or Online


Our Private French Classes

learn French with private teachers

French for Expats and Newcomers

Welcome to Paris, Brussels, Geneva or wherever you are!

Maybe, you are preparing your departure and you would like to have some French skills before your next move?

Or, you are working or about to work in a French speaking environment/country? Perhaps you are scared, and impressed and you don’t know where to start learning French?

Private French Classes for Diplomats

French for Diplomacy

The French language is the 5th most spoken language in the world.

It’s the official language of the United Nations and one of the most important languages in diplomacy. In addition, French speakers are more numerous outside France than in France.

Nowadays, French is also the official language of 32 countries and the only language with speakers in every single continent.

Learn French for Executives and Managers

French for Executives and Managers

Learn French upon your relocation to France

We are a private French language school based in Brussels and Paris offering French language programmes specifically designed for the business community. Many executives and professionals have overcome their fear of learning the language enabling them to excel in their new work environments.

French Classes for The Fashion Industry

French Classes for The Fashion Industry

Fashion has always been associated with the French language.

In many languages, most fashion vocabulary comes from the French language. Today, even if other international cities such as New York or Milan are also the places-to be in the fashion industry, France, and especially Paris, will remain the number #1, especially in terms of Haute Couture, luxury, cosmetics and the hospitality industry.

Private French Courses for EU Affairs

French for EU Affairs

French is the only official language in the 3 European countries of: France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The French language has, since the creation of the European Union in 1957, has always been a key communication language between European partners.

I Learn French offers Private French classes for VIPs

French for Bradley Cooper and Vips

Private French classes for VIPs such as actors, sport professionals or media people

We’ve recently been informed that Bradley Cooper lives in Paris and would like to improve his French skills. For anyone who puts us directly in contact with him or his assistant, we’ll offer a free 10 hours package of Private French classes.

Online French Classes

Online Learning Options

Learn French Online: from home or when you travel

We know you need high flexibility in terms of schedule and location. If you are very busy and you want to speak French, we teach when and where is it more convenient for you. This is the reason why you can enjoy our private French classes online.


What Our Students Say

I Learn french is a very friendly, experienced and flexible solution for your French courses. Both teachers I had – Annabelle and Florence were not only remarkable and effective teachers, but also exceptionally nice people. One of my best language learning experiences I had – and I had a lot I can tell you.

Benedek J.

Member of the European Parliament

Yasmine is the teacher who knows exactly what she’s doing. I have been having on-line customized courses with her. My expectations were kept high as the long-distance courses didn’t affect the quality of our classes. Thanks to her teaching method, I’ve managed to re-gain my knowledge in French which I had lost by not using the language for so many years. Like she says: “C’ est comme le Vélo, ça revient”! Yasmine has a deep knowledge of French and she’s using different teaching resources according to the student’s needs. She’s very organized, punctual and at the same time entertaining and understanding. She’s even going the extra mile for her students. In my case, for example, she found books that I have been looking for and mail them to me. She loves what she’s doing and that reflects on her performance. I would highly recommend her for different student levels.

Vassiliki S.


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