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French Classes for Expats

Welcome to Paris, Brussels, Geneva or wherever you are!

Maybe, you’re preparing to move to a French speaking country and would like to start learning the language before you get there? Or, you’re about to start working in a French speaking environment? Perhaps you are scared, intimidated, and don’t know where to start? Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or have learned French many years ago or even just took a few courses and would like to go to the next step, we know exactly how to help you.

At ‘I Learn French’, we are a team of experienced teachers with international backgrounds in teaching private French classes to expats and newcomers like you. Our teachers will help to improve your integration in your new home. They will help you understand and improve your skills in French but also the cultural codes, dos and don’ts. You’ll enjoy private French classes whenever and wherever you want, including real life situations.

We are conscious and well aware that it’s challenging to arrive in a new city, and this is the reason why our training is only given by teachers with international backgrounds. All of our teachers have been in your shoes and understand the challenges you are facing. Often, French teachers are the first local interaction expats and newcomers have and we take this responsibility seriously.

You will feel like a /poisson dans l’eau/ and our goal is to help your transition and your integration.

Do you want to learn French and improve your integration. You are in the right place. Book your private French classes today! 


Great way to learn French without stress!! As an expat who moved to France speaking no French, I needed to learn French while balancing work and travel. Yasmine was an amazing teacher. Very patient, kind, friendly and willing to adjust to meet my style and my goals. I really appreciated the flexibility of being able to meet near my work. After just an hour per week with Yasmine over a year, I feel confident speaking French in many situations and these new language skills allow me to make the most of this amazing country. If you want to learn French at your own pace in a relaxed setting, I definitely recommend!

Warwick F.


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Before arriving in Paris, l spent three months completing night classes in a small group environment in Sydney, Australia, gaining little experience and enjoyment. Post finishing my studies in Paris, l enrolled in part-time classes at Alliance Francies. (Another french language school). The classroom was overcrowded and continuously interrupted by a range of external issues. The teacher’s rhythm them was to fast for me, unable to keep in touch after ten weeks l coincidentally lost my desire and left the program. Somewhat coming full circle, l did not know what to do. I decided to research and quickly established that Yasmine was an industry trailblazer. I needed the best… The rest is history!!! Within the first month, l learned and understood more than l had accomplished ever before, even more than living in Paris for two years and attending the prior league schools. The class model was shaped to my individual needs (artistic / design professional environments). Days, when l was struggling Yasmine, alternated the class, which was much appreciated and refreshing. The only regret was l did not use her services earlier. PRIVATE FRENCH CLASSES FAR OUTWAY ANY OTHER LEARNING EXPERIENCE. l now speak fluent french (with an Aussie accent) it is all credit to Yasmine and her Business model. I highly recommend it!.

Tim B.

Profesional photographer