Until further notice, ALL CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE ONLINE (Zoom, Skype) , as usual, your French teachers remain available and flexible.

French for Diplomacy

Welcome to Paris, Brussels, Geneva or wherever you are!

The French language is the 5th most spoken language in the world. It’s the official language of the United Nations and one of the most important languages in diplomacy. In addition, French speakers are more numerous outside France than in France.

Nowadays, French is also the official language of 32 countries and the only language with speakers in every single continent. It’s spoken by 300 million people as a first language, 81 million are educated fully or partially in French and 50 million study it as a second language.

With all those vertiginous figures, it’s obvious that the French language is unmissable in diplomacy. As a result, at ‘I Learn French’, a team of private French teachers are involved to work with embassies to help diplomats and staff in being comfortable in a French speaking environment. We also teach unspoken codes and help with etiquette practises to help our students avoid any faux pas.

At ‘I Learn French’, private French teachers provide highly customised private French courses to assist diplomats and any people involved in international organisations reach their goals in French. How does it work? You let us know when and where you would like to have your French training and we do the rest. You can attend an intensive course or a slow path course such as 1 to 3 hours per week, depending on your availability. The content will be adapted to your needs and expectations. It’s as simple as that. The United Nations and several Embassies such as Koweit, Estonia, Australia and Finland choose to learn French with us, just to name a few.

To provide trust and valuable private French training, we apply a discreet and confidential policy.

Our program in diplomacy includes:

  • French grammar and vocabulary
  • Represent, inform and protect
  • Reading and writing diplomatic documents
  • Speak in a highly formal speech
  • Understand a formal speech
  • Conduct diplomatic meetings

Would you like to know if our French courses are adapted to your needs or the ones of your employees?

You are not a diplomat but are working in or with international organisations?

You are too busy to attend a fixed scheduled course at a fixed location?

You need high confidentiality and discretion?

We know how to help you with our adapted and custom programme.

We’ve worked with I Learn French for a couple of years now and we are very pleased on the professionalism of the team of teachers. They are flexible and discret. Our staff members made impressive progress. We highly recommend them.

Mohamad B.


For some projects in French speaking countries, a delegation needed to attend an intensive French course. I Learn French was the right fit for our needs.

Stephanie W.