French classes for expats and newcomers

Welcome to Paris, Brussels, Geneva or wherever you are! Maybe, you are preparing your departure and you would like to have some French skills before your next move? Or, you are working or about to work in a French speaking environment/country? Perhaps you are scared, and impressed and you don’t know where to start learning French?

If you are an absolute beginner, or have learned French many years ago or even just took a few courses and would like to go to the next step, we know exactly what you need and how to help you.

At ‘I Learn French’, there is a team of experienced teachers with international backgrounds in teaching private French classes to expats and newcomers like you, to improve their integration in their new homes. They will help you understand and improve your skills in French but also the cultural codes, dos and don’ts. You’ll enjoy private French classes whenever and wherever you want, including real life situations.

You are not alone

We are conscious and well aware that it’s challenging to arrive in a new city, and this is the reason why our training is only given by teachers with international backgrounds, so they understand what challenges you are facing as well because they have been there too. Finally, they are teachers who understand you! Often, French teachers are the first local interaction expats and newcomers have and we take this responsibility very seriously.

You will feel like a "poisson dans l'eau" our goal is to help your transition and your integration.

Do you want to know more about it and talk directly with the training coordinator to evaluate your needs and expectations and how we can help you? Plan here your introduction meeting.

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