French Classes for Tourists

Visiting Paris or Brussels is always a good idea.

You are probably thinking about taking some private French classes during your stay. This is an excellent idea.

Classes are without any doubt the best way to discover the city, the people and the culture. You will not only improve your French but you will also appreciate real life situations in French.

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This course will help you learn the basics of the French language if you never learned before or help you to improve what you have learned so far. In addition, you will have the opportunity to put everything you know in practice during your stay. Our private French classes will also be very educative in terms of culture and dos and don'ts. It is always fascinating to discover a new culture through the eyes of a local. Don’t you think?
How does it work? We evaluate together what you already know to avoid repetition and we create a course adapted to you and your personality.

This course is totally adapted to you. Let’s us know what you want to discover and we will teach you. You will meet your teacher whenever and wherever you want. If you don’t have inspiration, your teacher will give you a list of suggestions or will choose for you. One of our most famous course for tourist and short term is our super “café marathon” course. The “café marathon” consists of discovering the city together and each class takes place in a different area. Let us teach you French and guide you through the city.

Be a local!

In addition to the “café marathon", we offer other fantastic opportunities to attend a french class and have fun :

• Going to the museum with a teacher and attend a guided visit in French (with audio guide or with a French guide)
• Have a guided visit in French with a teacher in a monument or area you would like
• Visit a market in French
• Have lunch with a teacher
• Have breakfast with a teacher
• Have a walk in the city with your teacher

The frequency of the classes will depend on you and your schedule. You can have a private French class every day, every two days, during breakfast, for lunch… It is really up to you.

Please Note: all consumption and/or entrance tickets are at the expense of the client and the teacher is offered at least one drink.

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