Yasmine Lesire


I used to envision myself working at a ‘Big Four’ as a C-Level executive. Being a leader at one of these firms was a dream for many years. But dreams have a funny way of taking shape. In 2008 while attending business school full-time in Madrid, I started teaching as a private French teacher to make ends meet not realizing that along the way I would fall in love with this profession.

In 2009 when I relocated to Brussels, my job was helping busy professionals learn French, which I found challenging but also discovered there was a need in the marketplace. When I was about to complete my MBA, I changed my career trajectory to focus on educational entrepreneurship, and ‘I Learn French, Brussels’ was born.

In 2016, I opened our second location ‘I Learn French, Paris’, and today I am successfully operating two schools while also teaching classes in-person and online. I am proud of how far my team of private French teachers and I have come, and how we are continuing to grow strong.





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I’m the host of the podcast
« Le Français avec Yasmine ».
I have three cats.
I’m passionate about languages.
I’m a huge wine lover and a foodie.
I’m the host of the podcast
« Le Français avec Yasmine ».
I have three cats.
I’m passionate about languages.
I’m a huge wine lover and a foodie.



FAST RESULTS - Boost your French with high quality content and tons of opportunities to help you practice and improve your skills.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE - Have direct access to your teachers’ calendar and book your classes whenever you are available.

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY - Once you book your classes, you’ll be in touch with your teacher in less than 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - You’ll learn with the same teacher so that you’ll be able to track your progress and skyrocket your French without starting from scratch all over again.

DIGITAL MATERIAL - All the content of your course is uploaded in one single platform. You have access to your material whenever you want. Zero email.

LEVEL TRACKED - As soon as you register, a placement test is waiting for you in your member area. Every 3 months, your level is evaluated again.

FRENCH WITH SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES - DELF, DALF préparation, French for Diplomacy and international organisations, French for the fashion industry, …

CLASSES AVAILABLE FOR 120 DAYS - Lessons need to be completed within 120 days after the reception of your invoice. 

PURCHASE PACKAGES - Minimum 10 hours packages: the best way to see results in French.

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