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Private French Classes for 1 person online


Your Private French classes


Flexible Location (Paris, Brussels, London, and many more and online)


Flexible schedule.


Native and polyglot private teacher.


Highly customized content.


Course adapted to your level.


Tailor made course.


Conversation oriented.


Self confidence improvement.

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The learning experience:  I Learn French  

At I Learn French we use a client-centred learning methodology so our highly flexible programmes are focused on meeting the needs of each individual client. This means that we tailor the course content, assessments and style of teaching accordingly.  Listed below is a summary of how we ensure our clients come first.  

  • Our highly customized classes are designed around specific objectives (FOS).

  • Each session is carefully prepared and adapted to the needs and expectations of each client.

  • Around seventy percent of classes are dedicated to improving communication skills such as listening and oral presentation.

  • We use modern and relevant materials - bye bye boring French classes!

  • As soon as level A2 is reached, we incorporate authentic materials to optimise participation and engagement.

  • We provide a free level evaluation at the start and at the end of the training. Client’s are evaluated by the training coordinator based on oral and written expression, listening and reading comprehension.

  • We ensure each client has a minimum of one class per week.

  • For private French classes, classes vary between one and two hours per session.

  • Transparent online follow-ups are updated by the teacher after each session with the content of the class, potential homework and the number of hours remaining.

  • We prepare clients for official exams such as DELF and DALF.

  • Follow-up information is accessible on all electronic devices.

Your Private French teacher

All our teachers are trained to ensure that they provide a consistently high quality service to each of our clients.  We maximise the learning opportunity by guaranteeing the following for each programme:  

  • Each client has one teacher throughout their programme.
  • Online support outside of the learning environment, meaning clients receive support even when they are not in class. 
  • Our teachers are certified to prepare students for DELF/DALF.

Our teachers at I Learn French are carefully handpicked and selected based on our rigorous recruitment standards.  We employ teachers based on the following criteria.  

  • Native speakers with international experience.
  • At least 3 years experience in teaching French with business objectives.
  • Experience in working in a private and public sector environment. 
  • Experience in teaching to adults in a private setting.
  • Experience in teaching the 4 main skills of the language : listening, speaking, reading, writing. 
  • Multilingual in order to understand what learning foreign language implies and the difficulties faced by adult learners. 
  • Capable to lead a class and explain everything in French, even without textbook.
  • Able to anticipate the needs of the student.
  • Flexible and high adaptable. 
  • Able to create their own training and adapt every single session. 
  • Result oriented