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To speak and understand French, there are a few factors that will give you optimal results, and choosing the right type of course for you, i.e private or group classes, is a major influence. Other essential factors are:

  1. Routine: Be frequent in your studies and attending the classes
  2. Discipline in your self-study: To really notice an improvement in your French, studying on your own is important. Try it yourself  – attend a class without studying, and then attend another after studying. The difference between the two experiences is remarkable.

How do I know if this kind of course is for me?

The best way to know it, is to give it a try. Our teachers are all experienced and dedicated 100% to their students and all our students reach their goals in French. In addition, if you have a doubt about whether private French classes are for you or not, you can read on our blog a great article about the  pros and cons of private French classes and group French classes. 

Can I have a free trial? 

No. We offer a free call on the phone or on Skype. We don’t offer free classes because our French teacher are teaching for their living. As a consequence, it isn’t possible to ask them to work for free. Would you work for free without knowing if your client will continue working with you? Us neither. 😉

Can I have a discount if I take many hours

The discount question is a very good one. First answer that comes into our mind is : why? Why would you like a discount? Why would you like a discount when you are not even one of our customer? Would you provide to a new customer who ask for it? Would you rather give a discount to a loyal and long term customer? Teaching an hour or ten hours will require the same amount of energy and preparation. Teaching French is a service not a product. When you go to a restaurant with 5 people, do you ask for a discount? Nevertheless, we do offer discount for up to 40 hours of classes paid in once.

I have a B2 level, how many hours do I need to improve and progress? 

With a B2 level, we recommend to attend one hour per week or every two weeks. During the class, you will be able to practice and get some extra grammar. You will ask to study from one class to another and this is how you gonna make the difference.

I have a B2 level and I would like to progress. Can you help?

As you already have a great level in French, the content of the classes will mostly be practice and reinforcement. It can rather be for business or everyday life. It will include only a tiny part the grammar that you need to fix. The rest of the course includes authentic documents such as audio or articles for native speakers to help you face in real life situations.

How long does it take to reach the next level? 

Improve and reach the next level will depend on your regularity attending the French classes AND your regularity studying on your own. Our teachers will guide you through the language and you will explore all  the perspectives such as grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehensions. Once you have all the keys in your hands, you will be the only actor of your progress. In other words, if you study regularly on your own and practice, you will progress. If you only attend the class and don’t work and review your previous classes, your improvement will be slow or zero progress will be made.

Why are private classes more expensive that group classes ? 

In private French classes you have the word “private”.  Private means that you are the only and unique actor of your class. You don’t share your time with someone else. You will learn faster and the content will be customised based on your needs and expectations and on your way of studying. This requires a full dedication from your teacher to help you improve in French. As a consequence, the rate can’t be the same as a group classes.

When can I register? 

We offer only private French classes. As a consequence, you can register whenever you want.

How can I register?

You can register by sending a message in the contact form right here.

How can I practice between my classes? 

With I Learn French you will always be given  homework and exercises to practice on your own. If you don’t have homework, reviewing past classes is an excellent practice to memorize and fix what you have studied so far. If you want or need, your teacher would be more than happy to give you extra exercises, don’t hesitate to ask for them.

Is there a community of students I can connect with? 

Under process

My problem is that I can’t speak French, can you help? 

Of course we can help and we would be more than happy to help you. We will give you the confidence to feel more comfortable with the French language. We know that learning a language as an adult can involve sometimes frustration and misunderstanding. We will help you conquer those issues. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when you stated that you can’t speak. You can read some of the reasons in the article here XXXX(coming)

Why can’t I speak French? 

Most of the time, adults students attend classes and think that after a short period of time, without practicing on their own, they will be able to speak French fluently. Unfortunately, it works only for few gifted people. Learning French requires regularity in attending the classes, taking notes during the class, practicing exercises on your own, re-read your notes, reviewing your previous classes. If you skip those steps, your progress will be truly damaged and as a consequence you won’t feel comfortable enough to speak. There are two categories of people. You are maybe one of them. The first category, is the group of people who don’t care if they make mistakes and speak even in broken French. They are not ashamed of their rusty French and they maximize their experience while speaking French. The other category, is the group of people who can’t speak for many reasons: they are shy, they are too strict with themselves and they don’t allow mistakes, they have a fear of failing and so they never really practice. The fear and uncomfortableness often come from a lack of study. We know that we didn’t study enough so we know that we won’t be able to speak properly. Do you recognize yourself in the last description? Do you want to talk about it with us?

Can I have the classes at my place ?

The first class always take place in your office or in a cafe. Your teacher is free to accept or refuse to come to your place. For safety reasons, we can’t guarantee visiting teaching in private home.

Can I have the class at my office? 

Yes, of course. The teacher comes to your office. We also offer classes online.

When can I start the classes? 

As all the classes are private you can start whenever you want and wherever you want.

How long does it take to speak? 

The speed to learn depends on you. Attending a course is already a good step for your French classes but it will not be enough to improve. Yes, unfortunately, you will also have to study on your own.

How many hours do I need to reach the next level? 

Based on our experience, you will usually reach the next level after 20 or 30 hours of course. However, attending French classes only isn’t enough to reach the next level. You will have also to study on your own and between classes. If you don’t study at all, it is possible that even after 40 hours you don’t progress. Regularity in attending classes is also a key to reach the next level. If you have a class every three weeks and a beginner level, it will be challenging to improve in French.

What material do you use during the class? 

We use many books while teaching French. We highly recommend all the book from CLE International.
There is one book that we highly recommend to learn the French grammar and it’s considered “the French grammar bible” by many French teachers: Grammaire progressive du français, niveau intérmédiaire.

I am too shy to speak, can you help me? 

Yes, of course. We would be more than happy to help being more comfortable speaking French. We will work together on communication with real life situations.

How do I know if the private classes are appropriate for me? 

Private French classes are ideal for picky and active professionals who don’t have time to attend classes on a fixed basis. Private French classes are flexible in terms of location : your office, online, in a café and in terms of schedule : whenever you are available. The content of your French classes will be only adapted to you and your needs. If you are looking for a custom French classes, then private French classes are definitely a solution for you.

If you are in doubt between private French classes and group French classes, have a look at the following article where the pros and the cons of both are described.

I never learned a foreign language, is it difficult to learn French?

Yes and no. Yes, it will be difficult if you are not motivated and you are forced to do it. Do you remember when you were forced to study something in school you didn’t like but you had, to otherwise you would have failed your course? Do you still remember what you were forced to study? No? Then it will be the same effect with your French now.

No, it will be easy for you if you are motivated, patient about your progress, ready to enjoy the journey to reach your goals and ready to dedicate time to it. Learning French is a journey and you need to allow some time to start appreciate results.  Learning French is like working out. If you work hard you will see results. If you continue eating chocolate after your work out, you won’t see any results, even if your coach is amazing.

How much does it cost?

A private French class costs 60€/hour without tax. If you plan to take at least 40 hours paid in once, a discount is applied. Contact us to have more information about it.

Do you give certification?

We do offer a in-house certification upon request. Please do not forget to let us know before your start the classes with us. We will evaluate your level at the beginning and at the end of the course and provide you a certificate with your progress.

Can you help me pass the DELF?

We do train our students to pass the DELF and DALF examination. Contact us for more information about it.

Do you work for companies?

We mainly work with companies and individual customers. Would you like to learn French with us but don’t want to be in charge of the administrative aspect? We are here for you. Let us know who we have to contact in your company and we will take care of everything. The only thing you need to do is learn French. Let us be in charge of everything. Contact us for more information.

What is the background of the teachers?

All our teachers have international backgrounds and speak more than one language. We work only with teachers who can truly understand what it is to learn a language as an adult, and the challenge that it can involve.

Our teachers are experienced and dynamic.  We mainly work with teacher-entrepreneurs who love their native language and are willing to share what they know with others. Our teachers love to interact and communicate. Before starting to work with us, they all have in-house training. Our methodology is unique and efficient.

We do not work with teachers with a Masters degree in teaching French as a second language, because we find that they don’t fit the ideal profile for our students.

Do you offer classes during the weekend?

Yes, some teachers accept work during the weekend. Although, not all of them. Having classes during the weekend might involve extra fees.

Do you offer classes online?

Of course, we offer classes online through Skype and Zoom.

How do you send the material for the classes online?

The material is sent by email. We also send you the references of the books that you can buy yourself if you prefer.

Do you offer group classes?

No, we don’t offer group classes. We accept customers that come as a group of friends or colleagues but we don’t create group ourselves. The rate for groups is different. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us  for further details.

Do you offer intensive course?

Yes, we do and they are amazing. We offer customized intensive course: 1h30, 2h or 3 hours per day from one week up to one month. We also offer semi-intensive courses with three private French classes per week.

What is the best way to learn French?

There are many ways to learn French. The best way will be your own way to learn it.  Some people need to write down the words and the explanation to learn. Other have a photographic memory and others have a listening memory. It is important you find yours. Finding what is more ideal for your learning might be as challenging as learning French itself. You don’t know what would be the best for you? Don’t worry, your teacher will help you! With that said, there are a few factors that are essential if you want to learn: being motivated and regular.

What frequency should I attend the classes?

The regularity and the routine are very important if you want to progress in French. We always recommend to attend at least a private French class once a week for at least three months to enjoy progress. Attending a private French class every three weeks with a beginner level won’t be beneficial for you. We prefer to be honest about it.

I am very busy with work and private life, can you help me?

Absolutely! Actually, this is our speciality. We mostly work with demanding and very busy clients who don’t have time to attend courses with fixed schedule and location. Many professionals like you don’t learn French because of lack of time and organization. We know that you might have to deal with career opportunities, private and social life and you don’ t have time to include a French course. Everyone deserves to learn French, so do you. Your class comes to your office, when you are available. If you are traveling a lot, the class follows you abroad online. Let’s plan a call to discuss it more in details in the coming days. Contact us here

I need flexible private French classes, do you offer flexibility in terms of location and schedule? 

Yes, of course. Your French class is available when you are available. The teacher comes to your office when it is more appropriate for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][:]