French language tips
Monday December 16th, 2019

Master your French skills with my ultimate guide to the best French podcasts

Podcasts are old-fashioned and for dinosaurs! If this is what you think, then I’ll change your mind in no time with my list of the best French podcasts. In this article, I’ll convince you how listening to French podcasts make a positive impact on your learning. I share valuable resources with you to help improve your French while listening to podcasts. Podcasts were launched in 2004 by Adam Curry and Dave Winer; today, there are podcasts in almost every language. As a consequence, French is no exception. For the last decade, thanks to all Gods of the universe, podcasts are a deep method of communication. I knew about podcasts for many years, but I never took the time to look at them closely. I rediscovered podcasts in 2018,  when I was invited on Revolution Digitale’s podcast to talk about my career as a French teacher and school founder. Since then,…
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Yasmine Lesire by Rachel Calvo Photo
Learn French
Thursday March 28th, 2019

Reasons why you still can’t speak French : The honest facts

Yasmine Lesire, photo by Photographer in Paris, Rachel Calvo Learning a language is not easy - fact! I have learned a total of seven languages. But, watch out - don’t let yourself be too impressed! I’m far from fluent in seven languages - I wish! I speak three languages fluently and, on and off through the years, I have learned four others. My last challenge was learning Portuguese because I was dreaming of spending three months in Brazil. As I’m fluent in Spanish, I began with a lot of preconceived notions in mind such as: I won’t have to study that much to improve my Portuguese because it’s very similar to Spanish. Well, hell no! After only a few private Portuguese classes, I was off on the plane for five weeks (not a few months - I’m an adult with responsibilities now) to Brazil. I can confirm with you, that…
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Learn French before and after Brexit
Learn French
Monday January 7th, 2019

7 good reasons to learn French before and after Brexit

Why Brexit is a good time for you to learn French There isn’t a single day that goes by in Europe without hearing something about Brexit. So far, we have heard absolutely everything including fake news, conspiracy theories… Brexit here, Brexit there, Brexit with chocolate, Brexit gluten free.... All the news and our conversations with our colleagues and friends include at least a comment about Brexit. At the moment while I am writing this article (December 2018), we still don’t know what is going on. Nobody, including European deputies know what is going to happen, when and how. By the time they finally get over their break up, let’s not waste time waiting until the last episode, let’s take the Brexit as an opportunity for us - not for them. An opportunity to see our future differently and create or include a plan B, C, D in our lives. Let's…
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