French classes for Managers

You already work in, or you are about to work in, a French speaking country or within
a francophone environment?

Have you relocated to Brussels, Paris or Geneva?

You still don’t know if you should take French classes to help facilitate your integration?

You’re not even convinced you need to learn French to get your job done?

Those questions are interesting and you are right to have a doubt about your investment in learning French. Once relocated, your integration, from a personal and professional perspectives, is essential. It is always easier to work in a French speaking environment when you have at least a little knowledge in French. Don’t you think that it will be easier for you, as a manager, to create commitment from your team and convince them to work with you if you take on the challenge to learn French? We know you are a great manager and you will create a great engagement by learning French. We are convinced of it. At I Learn French, we will help you to be a great manager with French skills. How does that sound? Fantastic, we know that!

More seriously, we know you are a very busy manager and don’t have much time to attend a French course, so we offer a very flexible private French course that comes to your office when you are available and when nobody will disturb you. What does this mean? That your French class comes to you and can even be online when you are traveling. What do you have to do? To find one hour per week and we will do the rest. Please, don’t tell us you don’t have one hour per week for your French classes. If you have time for useless meetings, conference calls and social media, you have one hour per week for a private French class. You know it!

Learning French for professional purposes will definitely open doors to a new world and to a lot of opportunities business wise. French is the most interesting language to learn according to the very serious The Economist. We offer specific training for professionals like you with content adapted to your needs and expectations. We help you feel more comfortable in a French speaking environment and to express yourself in French with confidence. In other words, we help you to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. We challenge your listening comprehension skills with audio created for native speakers so you can directly practice and appreciate progress.

Our French course for managers includes also :
• Meeting preparation in French
• Mailing and writing in French like a boss
• Dealing with suppliers
• Communicate with customers and potential customers
• Attend conferences in French
• Intervene in a meeting or conference
• Conduct a meeting in French
• ….

You don’t want to be fluent but at least to be able to understand a general idea? We can help you. You want to be fluent and to be able to work 100% in French? We can help you with this too. Your classes and content will be adapted to your objectives. You won’t be asked to study something you won’t use in the future such as Pythagorus theorem, remember ? We do too 😉

You have a specific request and you would like to discuss it with us?

Feel free to Contact Us and we will
come back to you ASAP