French Courses for Individuals

Did you know private sessions are three times more efficient than group classes?

Enjoy individualized face-to-face training with an emphasis and focus on your personalized learning objective. A specialized curriculum will be designed to fit your unique learning style, which will assist you in quickly achieving and advancing your linguistic goals.

Private French classes with ‘I Learn French’ are a fun and highly effective way to learn French. We are delighted to help individuals master the French language!

Private Language Courses

Start from scratch or improve your language skills with a customised program, catered specifically to your learning style and needs.

We not only offer private French classes, we also offer the opportunity for students to layer their learning with classes in Spanish, German, and English.

Adaptive Content and Tailor-Made Curriculum

Courses are tailor-made and adapted to meet the needs and expectations of each student’s learning style, whether accelerated or at a slower pace. Our teachers will design content to support students from start to finish, as they are here to help you learn. We have a team of highly talented individuals with skills to customize programs to arm you with the confidence and power of communication in a language you may not have been born speaking.

Flexible location and schedule

Being too busy or living in a different timezone is no longer an excuse to improve your skills in French. We offer a wide-range of offerings to support a flexible and demanding schedule. Whether you’re a busy professional on-the-go or living in California dreaming of living in Paris, we have you covered. We offer a highly flexible schedule, provide convenience for our students, and can meet wherever suits you.

Online tuition

E-Learning has also become wildly popular. Opportunities to connect through various means of technology has radically improved over the last few years making online learning very convenient. Our students are based all over the world; Chicago, Washington D.C., Geneva, Dubai, just to name a few. The barrier to learning French is no longer as challenging as it was in the past. Classes come to you when and wherever you want them. Want to give it a test run? We’d love to show you how awesome and fun this way of learning can be!


Challenge your skills by taking the DELF examination. The Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) is an official certificate delivered by the French Ministry of Education which provides an added value to your resume or CV and recommended for people who are looking for employment in France. We train you to be confident and well prepared to pass this examination. With a student success rate of 100% we’d love for you to feel good knowing you can also be a part of this success!

Self-confidence and Conversation Skills

We understand that as an adult it can be challenging to learn a new language or have the discipline to create new study habits. Learning French is not easy and having the confidence to actually use your newfound skill can be intimidating. We’ve been in your shoes. We aim to help you increase self-confidence and improve your conversational skills so that you’re not just being taught French, you’re armed with the confidence to speak French!

Native language Teachers

French classes are provided by native speakers passionate about sharing their language and culture because we want you to have a well-rounded cultural experience. Your teacher is your best ally to support you speaking like a native and improving your pronunciation.

Courses ‘Pour Tous’

Classes for everyone! We welcome all individuals: tourists, expats, professionals, students, and even those who are simply curious. Training is tailor-made and you are the only actor of your class determining what you need. We adapt our methodology and teaching approach for you to reach your goals.

Fun, lots of fun !

Learning is always easier when we can laugh along the way and we live by the philosophy that having fun in the classroom is essential. Why be strict and structured when you can make up the rules as you go along? Do you have a favorite joke or funny story to share? We have them too! Learning is better with laughter and we are ready to share some giggles with you.

French and the City

Are you visiting for a short-term period? How about a few classes to brush up on your skills? Enjoy our short-term, accelerated courses and apply what you learn in real-life situations. The classes are adapted to your specific short-term needs and you can also enjoy our "Café-Marathon" where each class takes place in a different area of the city suggested by your teacher. It’s a great deal of fun!

French Forever

Learning a language has many advantages for our brain health and memory. One of the main advantages of learning a language is that what you learn will stay with you forever. Individualized development is a personalized gift to yourself. The souvenir that will last a lifetime!

Be a Local

Throw away the guidebooks. Learn French as a second language and the culture comes together. Enjoy the cultural aspects of the French language and it will improve your integration into your new city. You’ll be living like a local in no time!

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