drinking cocktails on the beach while thinking about starting my French course in September
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Thursday August 30th, 2018

Learning French: Why September is a good time to start or, restart your French classes

Waaaow! Time flies! September is already around the corner. Can we start summer again? I wasn’t ready! Some of you are probably still enjoying a nice glass of rosé with a beautiful view of the beach while listening to the “criquets”. Summer is (supposedly) about recovering from last winter, enjoying friends and family, traveling to new places, discovering new things and maybe thinking about new projects and challenges for the coming fall and winter seasons. What’s your next challenge? If you’re reading this article, I assume taking or retaking French classes might be one of them. Don’t worry if you haven’t made a firm decision - but maybe you are about to, and this is amazing! Take some time to think about the following questions: When was the last time you learned French (if you ever did)? Why are you considering learning French? What are your goals by studying French?…
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