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Mittwoch, der 30. Oktober 2019

Intensive French course or long-term course?

I am a very busy person but I desire to learn and speak French – this is my dream. Does this sentence sound familiar to you? Before even starting a course, it is important for you to know if an intensive or a long term course will finally help you reach your goals in French. In this article, I’ll share my experience as a language learner in order to help you make decision on which one will suit you better. Intensive and long-term courses are both amazing and with the two of them, you’ll enjoy beautiful results. My experience with intensive class I have taken several intensive courses and the last one I took was 4 years ago when I studied Hebrew. Yes, Hebrew! Am I Jewish? No! Is my husband Jewish? Neither! I wanted to challenge myself as an adult and study a beautiful and challenging language. I studied…
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