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Dienstag, der 3. Dezember 2019 in Non classé, Learn French

(English) 18 smart Christmas gifts🎄 for someone who is learning French (or for yourself 🤩)

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Mittwoch, der 30. Oktober 2019 in Learning French in Belgium

15 reasons to learn French while in Brussels

15 reasons to learn French while being relocated in Brussels – even if you stay for a short time! Brussels is so international that you don’t need to learn or speak French. This is because you can easily survive in Brussels, and in Belgium generally, without speaking a single word of French. Brussels is also a cosmopolitan city. As a cosmopolitan city, it probably provides you with the opportunity to either practice any language or choose not to practice them at all. It’s up to you! If you are reading this article, you’ve probably just arrived in Brussels or about to come and you’re still contemplating whether to take a French course or not. Do you wonder if learning French would make the difference or would worth the effort and the investment? Those are legitimate questions to ask. I can strongly assure you that learning French as a second language…

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Mittwoch, der 30. Oktober 2019 in Learn French

Intensive French course or long-term course?

I am a very busy person but I desire to learn and speak French – this is my dream. Does this sentence sound familiar to you? Before even starting a course, it is important for you to know if an intensive or a long term course will finally help you reach your goals in French. In this article, I’ll share my experience as a language learner in order to help you make decision on which one will suit you better. Intensive and long-term courses are both amazing and with the two of them, you’ll enjoy beautiful results. My experience with intensive class I have taken several intensive courses and the last one I took was 4 years ago when I studied Hebrew. Yes, Hebrew! Am I Jewish? No! Is my husband Jewish? Neither! I wanted to challenge myself as an adult and study a beautiful and challenging language. I studied…

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